Bibs to Buy Water Filters for Mexico

Every day we stand at our sinks and clean, potable water flows from our faucets.

This fact alone sets us apart from 780 million people worldwide who do not have a source for clean drinking water. Each summer, a group of teens and adults from my church take a trip to Mexico. One of their projects in Mexico is to provide as many water filters as possible to families in the two villages they visit who do not have access to clean drinking water in their homes.

The filters are purchased in Mexico with money that is donated before the trip. Each filter costs $75 and will provide clean drinking water for a family for twenty-five years!

I would be honored to have your partner with me in this great cause! For the next week or so, you can purchase with a purpose here on my website. Buy a bib or two or three, and all of the money from your order will go toward the purchase of water filters for Mexico.

Each bib is $14.99 with FREE SHIPPING to the U.S.A. I will mail your bib(s) to you via First Class Mail.