If you’re tired of taking your child’s coat winter coat off every time you put him in his car seat, I get that! Four years ago, when I learned that it wasn’t safe for me to buckle my granddaughter into her car seat with her winter coat on, I knew there had to be a better way. That’s when I made my first car seat poncho. My poncho design has come a long way since then, baby! My ponchos are better than winter coats.

I’ve added hand slits because little ones don’t like having their hands trapped under a poncho. My two-way zipper allows you to buckle your precious one in with ease. Options like an extra warm layer, a detachable hood, and matching hat allow you to get exactly what you want and need for your little traveler.

You can also purchase ponchos for adults and ponchos for people in wheelchairs. Ponchos are better than a winter coat!

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I have tried other car seat ponchos in the past and did not care for them. Elaine’s poncho is AMAZING!! I love the hoodless option!! The two-way zipper makes using this item a breeze, and they are incredibly well made. Highly recommend!

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