The Perfect Wristlet

Two zip boxed bottom wristlet

For a couple of years, my favorite wristlet has been the two zip wristlet made from a pattern by Erin Erickson at Dog Under My Desk.  I've got a couple of these wristlets, and I carry them on a regular basis.  Here's one of my favorite ones: Recently, I had a customer ask me to make her a wristlet that was bigger than the ones I use.  I showed her a sample boxed bottom wristlet, and she liked the larger, roomier style.  She also insisted that she wanted an extra zipper on the outside of her … [Read more...]

Dress A Doll and Help a Girl

Little girl with dolls

Little girls and dolls belong together!     Sadly, not every little girl has that privilege of a fun, safe childhood with dolls and doll clothes.  This summer, at My Grandma Knows, I want to give you an opportunity to partner with me to help young girls in Managua, Nicaragua. La Chureca is a village within a garbage dump in Managua, Nicaragua.  The residents of this village suffer from extreme filth, poverty, and hopelessness.  The air is so contaminated that it slowly poisons the people … [Read more...]

“Dress My Doll, Please”

outfit for ten inch doll

Recently, one of my alterations customers brought me a doll that belonged to her mom and asked me to dress the doll.  I have been sewing doll clothes since December 2013, but only for 18 inch dolls like the American Girl dolls. The doll that my customer brought to me was quite small and old and fragile looking.  I decided to accept the challenge. First I rummaged through my patterns and found a vintage pattern that I had recently bought at a thrift store for $.25.  The pattern included … [Read more...]

Lalaloopsy Doll Quilt and Pillow

Lalaloopsy quilt, pillow, and pillowcase

Allow me to introduce you to Lalaloopsy: Lalaloopsy is a long and rather skinny doll that is quite popular with one little girl I know.   I'm beginning to see patterns for Lalaloopsy clothing, so she must be popular with other little girls, too. Recently a friend of mine, whose little girl is the Lalaloopsy fan, asked me to make a blanket and pillow to fit in a cradle that she is passing down to her daughter.  Lalaloopsy will we sleeping in the cradle after this weekend. I accepted … [Read more...]

Today’s Sewing: A Toddler Romper

toddler girl's romper

A few weeks ago, Justine requested that I make a few rompers for Aaliyah to wear this summer.  Justine really likes rompers, and Aaliyah, of course, looks adorable in rompers, so I agreed. This is the first pattern that I tried, and it's a very simple and somewhat old-fashioned design.  This pattern includes what we now call a pillowcase dress, so I suppose we could call this a pillowcase romper. The construction was quite simple with elastic in the neck and ribbon ties at the shoulder. … [Read more...]

Today’s Sewing: A Doll Purse

Purse for American Girl Doll

I spent the day in my sewing room today working on doll clothes.  I decided to add a purse to one of the outfits that I finished.  Here's the purse I made using the same fabrics that I used for my very own Florida Two Zip Hipster that I love. This little bag is lined with matching fabric and had a contrasting strap that coordinates with the matching outfit. Watch for this little bag to show up for sale on my Facebook page within the next few days.   … [Read more...]

Not Your Grandma’s Doll Clothes

My 18" doll

When I was a little girl, I liked to play with dolls. One of my fondest memories is looking through the Sears catalog each December, circling all of the doll clothes and accessories that would make my dolls' wardrobes complete.  I don't recall receiving any of those items that I wished for, but several times my mom and sister surprised me with handmade doll clothes.  My mom did the sewing, while my oldest sister did the knitting.  Those doll clothes, stitched with love, were among my favorite … [Read more...]

A Scarf That Doubles as a Bib

black floral scarfkin

Have you ever been out to eat and dropped food on your clothes?  That happens to me way too often! I used to carry one of those Tide stain sticks, but I never had much success removing a stain with one of those.  Sometimes I use my napkin dipped in water to try to remove the offensive stain, but that just leaves me with a large wet mark on my shirt. There have been times when I've resorted to tucking a paper or cloth restaurant napkin into the neckline of my shirt to avoid the inevitable. … [Read more...]

Tea Dying Cotton Fabric

messenger bag

Last month, a customer asked me to make her a cross body messenger bag and a matching Two Zip Wristlet.  No problem.  Then she asked me to make it from black and beige fabric.  Just black and beige.  She prefers paisley and polka dots.  Yikes!  I spend a fair amount of time looking for and at fabrics, and I wasn't able to recall a vast selection of paisley and polka dots in black and beige. Surely there had to be something available at my local quilt shop.  But there wasn't.  I found black … [Read more...]

A Zip And Go Bag

Zip and Go

I never sew without a pattern.  Some people think that anyone who knows how to sew can just whip projects up out of thin air, and some seamstresses are gifted at that.  I'm not one of them.  I never sew without a pattern.  Never. With all of the great patterns for sale, I don't ever really need to sew without a pattern.  One of my favorite pattern designers is Erin Erickson who blogs about and sells her PDF patterns at Dog Under My Desk. My most recent project made with one of Erin's … [Read more...]