Teresa our dog sitter with MochaBeing a pet owner can be such a rewarding experience!  We love our little dog Mocha, but the question of what to do with her when we go away used to cause us a fair amount of stress.  We tried having friends or relatives watch Mocha in their homes, and while they treated her with love and kindness, we knew that having Mocha in their homes with their own dogs was disruptive.

Our answer to the problem was to hire a dog sitter who comes to our home and cares for Mocha here.  We’ve had good experiences with all of the dog sitters we’ve hired, and as far as we are concerned, there are definite benefits to hiring a pet sitter as opposed to taking our pet somewhere else when we are away.  Our current pet sitter, Teresa of TLC Sitting and Cleaning Services, has been a great fit for our family.  She has a flexible schedule, reasonable rates, and she loves Mocha as much as we do!

Here are four reasons why we prefer to hire Teresa to pet sit for us when we are away from home:

1.  A pet sitter keeps your pets in their familiar environment. 

Sending Mocha to someone else’s house when we went away was quite stressful for her.  Mocha barely ate while we were gone, and she was not comfortable having sleepovers with other dogs.

When Teresa comes to our house to care for Mocha in our absence, Mocha barely notices that we are gone!  Her surroundings and routines don’t change, and she enjoys having Teresa’s undivided attention.

2. A pet sitter can keep an eye on things around your house. 

Not only does Teresa take care of Mocha when she’s here at our house, but she also takes care of basic household maintenance.  She brings in our mail and newspaper, takes phone messages, and provides a presence in our home in our absence.   She even knows how to tend our wood stove and can keep the fire going when we are away.

Once when we were away last November, Teresa held down the fort at our house during a snow storm and power outage.  It was a comfort to us to know that someone was at our house monitoring things while that was going on.

3.  No additional immunizations are required for your dog. 

When your dog bunks in with someone else or has a stay at the kennel, he may be required to have certain immunizations to protect him and the other animals there from contagious diseases.  While it’s a great idea to keep current with the necessary immunizations, having a pet sitter come to your house eliminates the need to take your dog to the vet for shots before you can leave for vacation.

4.  Peace of mind.

Peace of mind is the biggest advantage to hiring a pet sitter.  When we go away now, we don’t have to worry about Mocha.  We don’t feel as if we are inconveniencing a friend or neighbor to dog sit for us.  We don’t worry about something malfunctioning at our home in our absence.

These are just four benefits to having a competent pet sitter come to your home.  When we leave Mocha and our home in Teresa’s care we can relax and enjoy our time away without concern for our dog or our house.  For us, it’s the sensible thing to do.