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I’m a little embarrassed about posting this hint on my blog.  For one thing, I don’t really like admitting to people that sometimes my pants are too tight.  For another thing, this hint is so well-known that it’s unlikely that many will find it useful.

This Trick Can Help You Breathe Easier

But on the outside chance that someone somewhere might breathe easier because of this hint, I’m going to go ahead and share it.  Recently, I shared this hint with someone in person, and she was impressed and appreciative.  So here goes!

If you’ve never wished for a little extra room around the waist of your pants, then I hate you you can skip this post.  For the rest of us, there is a way to gain a few extra inches around the waist of your zip and button pants. This works only if you are not planning to tuck your shirt in to your waist band.
blue jeans that fit but are too tight when I sit down

Here’s a regular pair of jeans that are quite comfortable when I’m walking or standing, but when I sit down, the waist feels too tight.  If you know of what I speak, then grab a rubber band or ponytail holder, and we’ll transform these pants from tight to comfy.

You can use a rubber band for this trick, but I prefer to use a soft ponytail holder.  If you need to use the one on the left in the picture below, you might want to buy new pants.  The smaller size will allow the waistband to stretch an additional inch or two. how to fix pants that are too tight around the waist

To complete our little “fix”, just thread the elastic band through the button hole in your pants, and then pull one end of the band through the loop so that it is secure in the buttonhole as pictured below.
how to fix jeans that are too tight around the waist
a quick fix for too tight jeans

Now, you can loop the elastic band over the button allowing the band to stretch as you move giving you a little extra room in the waistband.  Trust me, this works!  That little elastic band can mean the difference between being able to wear a particular pair of jeans or not.

While it’s probably true that those of us who need to use this trick probably already know about it.  But just maybe there’s one poor, sad soul out there who’s suffering through the day with her waistband digging into her muffin top.  This post is for her!

‘Fess up!  Have you ever used this nifty trick? 

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