Bibs.  Either you like them or you don’t.  I know some moms who never use bibs on their kids.  Yet other moms won’t allow their kids to eat a meal or a snack without a bib to protect their clothing from stains.

Three reasons why bibs are a necessary part of your child’s wardrobe:

Bibs save you time. 

Foods like peaches, apples, and chocolate can permanently stain fabrics.  The best way to prevent these and other foods from landing on your kid’s clothing is to use a bib that covers all or most of his shirt.  Granted, it can take a few seconds to tie a bib on your hungry little one.   It can, however, take much longer to treat stains before laundering clothing.  It can take hours to work long enough to buy new clothes to replace the ones that are ruined by food stains.

Bibs keep your kids comfortable. 

Soggy clothing is not comfortable!  Would you want to spend the afternoon wearing a wet, sticky shirt?  I know I wouldn’t want to!  Yet, I’ve seen plenty of kids walking around with shirts that are soaked with drool or milk or juice or food.  Yuck!

Tie a bib on your little one before she starts to eat or drink to save her the aggravation of a soggy shirt.

Bibs are cute!

Bibs come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of pictures and cute sayings on them.  Some bibs, like the ones I sell in my Etsy shop, are cute enough to be considered clothing.  These bibs offer your child full coverage to protect the entire front of his shirt.  They also tie in the back which not only looks cute, but also keeps little ones from removing the bib before meal time is over.  My bibs are made in cute cotton prints that wash and wear well.  They come in two different sizes, and the largest size can be worn for years!  I know four-year-olds who are still wearing theirs.
baby wearing reversible bib

If you’ve got young children or grandchildren, I urge you to make a habit of tying on a bib at mealtimes.  You’ll be surprised how much better your child will look and feel with clothes that are clean and dry!  You’ll feel better, too, knowing you are protecting your clothing investment from unsightly stains!

What’s your opinion on bibs and kids?