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Car Seat Ponchos Available Now

Now that you know that a car seat poncho could help to keep your child warm and safe this winter, I want to share some details about the fleece car seat ponchos hand-crafted by me, Elaine Searer.
First of all, the name “car seat poncho” doesn’t tell the whole story.  These ponchos are great for traveling, but they are also warm, comfy, and easy to wear for other cold weather activities.  The ponchos are made from two layers of anti-pill fleece, making them a soft, warm alternative to a winter coat.  They can be layered over sweatshirts or sweaters or other jackets.

Elaine Searer ponchos are available in five sizes:  3-6 months, 12 months, 2T, 4T, and 6.  Sizes are generous, and many children can get two years of use from one poncho.  Choose a poncho with a hood or without a hood depending on you and your child’s preferences.

Baby boy car seat coat
The poncho goes over the car seat buckles so nothing interferes with the child’s safety.  Hand slits make it possible for children to hold a book, snack, or toy in the car, too.   The style is gender neutral, and the fabric choices allow you to order a poncho that you and your child will love.

The zipper front ponchos are made with a sturdy nylon coil  two-way jacket zipper and include a zipper tab cover at the top to prevent the zipper from rubbing sensitive chins.

Order you poncho today by visiting my shop now!  You will love the convenience of zipping on a poncho instead of a coat!

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Fleece Dog Coat

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Don’t forget to bundle up your pup in a fleece dog coat when the temperatures drop this winter!

Since I’ve been doing custom sewing for other people, I’ve made several fleece dog coats for one customer.  This particular customer always orders a fleece dog coat to give to her mother-in-law for Christmas.  The coat is for her mother-in-law’s dog, not for her mother-in-law.

The request was for a dog coat made from Santa fleece, but I was unable to find any fleece fabric with Santas on it.  She had to settle for holly, and she was pleased with that.

The fleece coat is made from two layers of warm and comfy fleece fabric.

All edges of the coat are finished with an overlock stitch done on my serger.  I use my regular sewing machine to attach the belly straps and the hook and loop tape.

Mocha agreed to model the finished project just so you could see the coat on a real live dog.  You’ll be able to see that I made this coat extra long for the chilly dachshund who will be wearing this coat on December 25th.

Isn’t she cute?


Small dog coats  $14
Medium dog coats $19
Large dog coats $26

What do you think about dogs wearing coats?   (To leave a comment, click the link at the top of the post that reads  “Leave a Comment”.)


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Fabulous Fleece: No Sew Sofa Cover

Fleece is such a versatile fabric!  Because it is made from 100% polyester and will not ravel or fray, it makes a great choice for no-sew projects.

I have two dogs, and for several years, I have been using fleece fabrics to protect our furniture from dog hair and nails. Both dogs love to lie on the back of the sofa to look out the window, so I keep that covered.

In the above picture you can see the sofa cover that I made from one yard of fleece.  This particular snowman print is a discontinued print from Debbie Mumm Designs.  If you look in any fabric store, you will find a vast selection of prints and solids in the fleece department.  Fleece fabric is 60″ wide giving you lots of fabric for your money.

For a sofa cover, I take one yard of fleece fabric in a print that works with my decor–or just a print that I like since I’m not all that concerned about my decor.  I trim the selvage edges from the fleece with shears. You will recognize the selvage edge of the fabric because of the tiny holes that hold the fabric on the rollers and the curling of the edge.  Some selvage edges also have the designer’s name printed there, so you will want to trim that off.

Next, I take my scissors and cut fringe on one of the ends of the one yard length of fabric–not the selvage edge.  The fringe isn’t absolutely necessary, but I think it makes the piece of fabric look more like a cover rather than just a piece of fabric.

In this picture, you can see that I used a floral print with spring colors in it.

One great thing about fleece fabric is the selection of prints and colors.  Here I used a dog themed print for my sofa cover.

You can find fleece prints for your favorite sports team, you favorite baby, your favorite season or holiday. The selection is endless.


If you’ve got a place in your home that needs a protective covering, consider a piece of Fabulous Fleece.

In my next couple posts, I will show you how I have made some quick and easy sewing projects with fleece.