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Springtime in the Country

Nothing says springtime in the country like green grass, blossoming trees, and the fragrant smell of …… an open septic tank.

We live in a beautiful rural area, and sometimes people are envious of our location.  We love our country home, but I thought I should clear up any misconceptions that country life is all sunshine and flowers.

Here at Grandma’s house, we recently received a letter from our local township office informing us that it is time for an inspection of our septic system.  We are required to pay a $75 inspection fee every five years for the privilege of having our  septic system checked out by an expert septic system inspector (talk about a dream job!).

Had it been five years already since Grandpa uncovered our massive septic tank?  Time flies when you’re busy flushing!

As soon as we mailed off our $75 fee, Grandpa commenced digging.  It was hard work, but thanks to Grandpa’s ingenious use of logs five years ago to displace some of the earth, it didn’t take as long as it did last time.

Finally, it was time for the inspector to inspect.  We knew this because he called us yesterday at 6:36 AM to confirm his appointment.   He arrived at our house in the afternoon with his assistant who is pictured below.

While his assistant waited in the truck, the inspector jumped right in and started inspecting.


If you’ve never had the joy of standing outside on a warm, sunny day staring down into a septic tank, then you haven’t experienced country life to the fullest!  The verdict is that our septic system looks good, at least as good as a septic system can look.   We passed the inspection!

Whew!  That’s over for another five years.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of country life.  In spite of our septic system, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

City life or country life, what’s your preference? 


12 thoughts on “Springtime in the Country

  1. I’m so glad we never had to have ours inspected!
    Our front porch was made over the septic tank. Uncovering it would have been almost impossible.
    What do people who can’t dig do? Hire someone?

  2. Yes, I suppose they hire someone to dig it up for them. What a pain that would be to have a septic tank under a porch!

  3. city. city water. city sewer. I’m definately NOT cut out for the country life…all except sitting in your yard enjoying iced tea while my dogs run freely around your place…that I do enjoy! As far as water and sewer are concerned, I definately enjoy the city life.

    1. Yes, there is something to be said for city sewage; that’s for sure!

  4. I definitely prefer city water and sewer.
    When I lived in the country I had to replace
    My septic tank and ended up putting in a
    Sand mound thanks to an inspection!

    1. This sand mound systems are expensive! We were relieved when the inspector said ours looked good.

  5. Funny you should bring this up. Just the other day the Green Acres theme song started going through my mind. All the words came back to me, too. Well, green acres is the life for me! That’s all I’ve ever known except for a couple years in Cedar Rapids before matrimony. We have excellent water– it comes all safe and treated and tasting good from a water tower. It’s called Rural Water and everyone that wants it has it piped in. The septic tank works well but in this county if a home is sold a leach field has to be put in. We’re calving right now and it’s cold and muddy and hard work. I don’t get in on that though.

    1. You do live the country life, Chris! Calving? I can’t even imagine!

      We have a leach field, too, but it’s functioning properly. We think we have rabbits nesting in the pipe. We’re going to clean that out, but not until the bunnies are done using it.

      1. Your story is hilarious! I guess outhouses needed maintenance too.
        Update from 5 years ago. We did end up moving to the main farm. We are now putting in a very expensive sand filter system so we can sell that acreage.

        1. Chris,
          Thank you for the update! I can hardly believe it’s been five years or more since we’ve “met”. Congratulations on your move to the main farm. I wish you many happy years there!

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