I really wanted to make a smocked dress for Aaliyah to wear at Christmastime, but I just couldn’t make a decision about which fabric, pattern, and smocking design to use.  When Thanksgiving was upon us and I realized I still hadn’t started a Christmas dress, I knew it was too late.  There was just no way I could start a dress at the end of November and have it ready for December.

My procrastination forced me to move to Plan B.  This is Plan B:Plan B is this green corduroy jumper with a winter applique.  I opted for a simple style that could be sewn together quickly.  Instead of smocking which is labor intensive handwork, I opted for an applique that could be done on the sewing machine.

Rather than use a Christmas theme applique that would be worn only in December, I decided to use a snowman design that can be worn throughout the winter.

This pattern, New Look A6168,  is a cute one with lots of variations.  I’m sure I will be able to use it again and again.  For the jumper, I chose a dark green corduroy–a traditional Christmas color.  For the snowman applique, I chose pink rather than red to avoid that Christmas color theme.  I’m sure Aaliyah will look beautiful in this jumper with a white long sleeve shirt and white tights.

Maybe I’d better get started now on next year’s smocked Christmas dress.