Sizing Guide

Car Seat Poncho

My car seat ponchos are generous in size so that you can order your child’s typical clothing size with confidence. Below is a measurement chart for the car seat ponchos. To use this chart, check the length of the poncho that most closely matches your child’s size/age. Check that measurement on your child with the end of the tape measure at the front of his/her neck where the top of the zipper would be. You will then be able to see how long that particular poncho will be on your child.

If you’d like a longer poncho for more coverage or longer wear, then order up a size or two.

Wheelchair Poncho

Wheelchair ponchos are also generous in size, but it’s always best to check the center front measurement on the person who will be wearing the poncho.

The best way to do that is to check the measurement of the size that more closely matches current clothing sizes of the wearer. Measure from the front of the neck down the center front of the person to see where the hem of the poncho will fall. If you’d like a longer or shorter poncho, then choose the size accordingly.

Some wheelchair poncho customers prefer a poncho that is shorter in the back. Please contact me if you’d like to customize the length of your poncho.

Please contact me if you have any questions about which size would be best for you. I’m happy to answer any questions or assist you in choosing the best size poncho.