I’ve been asked many times over the past few years to create a poncho for older kids — kids who have outgrown the sizing of our car seat ponchos. After all, kids who are tall for their age, kids over the age of six, pre-teens, and even teens can appreciate the cozy warmth of a fleece poncho and the convenience of zipping on a poncho instead of a coat.

This summer, I got to work developing a poncho in a style that would be appealing to the pre-teen and teen crowd. This new poncho listing in our Etsy shop features a poncho with a shape that is different from our circular car seat ponchos. This older kids’ poncho is longer in length and a bit narrower in width than our car seat ponchos. This style is very flattering on all shapes and sizes of kids (and even adults)!

This junior size poncho includes some of the same features that bring customers back to our Etsy shop year after year. Each poncho is made from two layers of plush anti-pill fleece in a variety of solid colors and prints. Each poncho features a two-way zipper that opens from the top and bottom for ease of use. Each poncho is available in regular weight or extra warm weight. The extra warm weight ponchos have a layer of quilt batting sewn between the two layers of fleece to provide…you guessed it…extra warmth! Each poncho is also available with a regular attached hood, no hood, or a detachable hood.

While these larger size ponchos are not considered car seat ponchos, they will still work with a car seat harness and buckles. If you’ve got a tall child who still needs to wear a car seat poncho, but needs a longer length, this size poncho is just what you are looking for! Although hand slits are not a standard feature in this poncho, I am happy to add them at your request to your poncho at no extra charge.

Visit our Etsy shop soon to check out our selection of fleece fabric choices and order your custom poncho. You won’t be disappointed.