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Noise Putty, a Dollar’s Worth of Fun

I’d never seen nor heard of Noise Putty until I went on a shopping trip with my sister, and we stopped in a Dollar Tree store.  She advised me to pick up a few containers of this marvelously disgusting substance that was sure to delight children of all ages.  My sister has rarely ever steered me wrong, and she wasn’t about to start now!

I bought three containers of Noise Putty with the idea of trying one out myself and then giving one container to each of my great-granddaughters on Thanksgiving Day.

If you’re wondering what Noise Putty is, it’s a kind of jelly-like substance that comes in a small plastic container.  When you push your fingers down into the putty, air bubbles occur, and when the air bubbles are forced out of the container, they make noises.  Weird noises.  Funny noises.  Noises not unlike the sound of breaking wind or passing gas.  I think you get the idea now.

On Thanksgiving Day, it did take the great-granddaughters a little while to get the noise putty warmed up.  Once they caught on to it, they perfected the art of noise-making and had a hilariously good time.

Makaila making “noises”.


Everyone in attendance pretended to be grossed out by the the noises emitted by the putty which only added to the girls’ enjoyment.

After just a little practice, both girls were able to make incredibly authentic sounds with their fingers and this slimy stuff.  I knew this only because the guys verified that  the sounds were just like the real thing.  We ladies, having no firsthand experience with such things,  just had to take their word for it.

Kyra makes music with her putty.


I was the coolest Grandma ever bringing Noise Putty to the Thanksgiving Day celebration, and I reveled in that coolness and it was all fun and games until someone left her Noise Putty lying on the couch.

If you’re contemplating buying some Noise Putty for yourself or someone else, my advice is to keep the putty in the container.  It is possible to remove it from furniture and clothing.  It’s not as bad as chewing gum, but my standing as coolest grandma ever dropped a few levels after that.

Noise Putty is not for everyone.  If you are grossed out by imitation toots and the accompanying jokes, then by all means, steer clear of this stuff.

For our family, it was about as much fun as we could have for a dollar.  I’d highly recommend it!


8 thoughts on “Noise Putty, a Dollar’s Worth of Fun

  1. If little girls liked it just think how big it would go over with little boys who love all the bathroom humor. I’ll look for it for ‘Tater. 🙂

  2. IF I get to a Dollar Store I will surely look for it. After reading one of my new grandson-in-law’s Facebook comments, I got him a book on Farts for Christmas. This would be an ideal attachment. (I also got him something else more appropriate)

    1. This would be the perfect accompanying gift for a fart book, Marygail.

  3. My daughter bought this for one of her brothers last Christmas (he was 19 at the time). He thought it was hilarious!

    1. I can understand your 19 year old’s enjoyment with the gift. The adults at our gathering were enjoying it as much as the kids.

  4. Dot, I think Tater would love it as long as he wouldn’t eat it. It is recommended for ages 3+ but you can use your own judgment about that.

  5. Hahahaha…hi Elaine, my friend bought our boys this stuff the other day when we were out shopping and they LOVE it!! And to Dot’s comment above, the little boys definately appreciate it! Even the BIG boys :o)

    1. I found the same to be true about the big boys, Terra!

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