Imagine my horror when I got out of bed this morning (which will be yesterday by the time you read this) to hear Grandpa say, “No coffee this morning.”  No coffee???

What’s worse than having no coffee?

Having no water.  That’s worse than having no coffee!Our water pump was dead.

Grandpa called our plumber while I poured drinking water from the fridge into a saucepan for tea.  I would have to put off my shower until later, brush my teeth with icy cold water,  and wash my hands with hand sanitizer.  Oh, the inconvenience of being without our usual comforts!

 “Nearly one billion people lack a source of clean, safe drinking water.”

My pastor is in the midst of a series of sermons based on this book, The Hole in the Gospel, about our responsibilities as Christians to do what we can do to meet the needs of the suffering ones around us and around the world.  Our pastor is a great guy and a great preacher, but these sermons and the accompanying videos are a little hard to hear and see.

I don’t like to see people who are suffering or in pain.  I most certainly don’t like to see children who are dying because of starvation and disease.  And it’s not easy to deal with the idea that I am responsible to do whatever I can to alleviate their suffering and pain.  Turning away from the plights of others doesn’t erase their pain or their suffering or relieve me of my responsibility.  It just makes it easier for me to pretend that everyone enjoys the same blessings that I do.

As I was reading my Bible and praying this morning, and waiting for our plumber to arrive, I was thinking of the billions of people around the world who have no clean water ….. EVER.  Not just until the plumber arrives, but they never, ever have a drink of clean water.  How can this be?  What must it be like to live without clean water?

The bigger question is … what can I do about this?

It’s easy for me to bury my head and say, “Nothing!” in response to that question.  But the fact is, I can do something.  Other people … other individual PERSONS like me have done something.  They have gone to these places where there is no clean water.  They have set plans in motion to change these situations. They have given time and money.

They have loosened their grip on all that I hold so tightly, and they have made a difference.

I did some online research and found several charitable organizations (some Christian, some not) which are actively meeting the need for clean drinking water.

Samaritan’s Purse is one of my favorite charitable organizations because of the good works they do in the name of Jesus.

Here’s a link to their website and their plan to “Turn on the Tap Water” for those who have none.

Here’s another Christian organization that is all about the water.

Our plumber just arrived …

Soon we will be taking showers, drinking clean well water, flushing our toilets, making coffee.  Business as usual at Grandma’s house.  Would that this were so for everyone.

What will we do to help?

You have this grandma’s word that we will do something.  If we can pay the plumber to fix our pump, then we can share what we have with those who don’t even need a pump because they have no water.


Please …  leave a comment and tell me what causes stir you to action.