Some days I sit down at my computer to write a new blog post, and I ask myself, “What do my readers need to hear from me today?”  I wonder if it’s possible to share anything new that hasn’t been shared many times over on the internet.

Those thoughts of “what’s the use?” or “why not give it up?” bubble to the surface.  Then I remember  that one post that I shared here that has been read hundreds of times, and I realize that my blog is not in vain.  I am helping people.  I am making a difference.

That one blog post is served up to readers who land here after searching the internet for relief from pants that are too tight.  It happens.

By logging in to my blog’s dashboard, I can see which blog posts are read most often and which words and phrases people use to search for helpful information.  (Don’t worry, I can’t tell who is doing the searching.) Here’s a small sampling of some of those phrases that are typed into search engines:

“my pants are too tight”
“how to make my waistband bigger around the waist”
“breeches too tight”
“pants are too tight when sitting”

Who knew that my claim to fame would be sharing an idea for making your jeans just a little looser in the waist?

So maybe this most-viewed-blog-post-of-all-time here at Elaine Searer’s blog doesn’t outline steps for world peace or a balanced national budget, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.  Tight pants are a problem, (ask me how I know this) and I’m proud to be able to ease the pain of some who have been suffering with this malady.

If you somehow missed this post, A Trick for Too Tight Pants, you can read it now.   You’re going to want to sign up for email updates from this website.  I have a feeling my next great idea is almost ready to break loose.