Because I’m tall, I often have a problem finding a coat with sleeves that are long enough for me.  Recently, I was given a coat that I like a lot, and I was not surprised when the sleeves on this coat looked like this: 

When my arms were by my sides, the sleeves looked okay, but when I bent my arms, it was obvious that the sleeves were too short.

After wearing the coat this way a few times, I really wanted to find a way to lengthen the sleeves.  Since the sleeves were finished with elastic, there was no available fabric for lengthening the sleeves in the traditional manner.  I was forced to use a non-traditional lengthening technique …. socks!

I purchased a pair of good quality men’s socks in a color that complemented the trim on my coat.  I measured the length that I needed, and cut the cuffs from the socks.

To prevent the knit fabric from unraveling, I serged the cut edges of the socks.

After sewing the cuffs to the coat sleeves by topstitching along the row of stitching that formed the elastic casing, I was done!  

This coat is much more comfortable now with sleeves that reach  my wrists, and the knit cuffs keep out the cold winter air.   At under $4, this project is a winner!