It’s been a long time since I’ve shared our story, so allow me to introduce the faces behind the business that bears my name, Elaine Searer Sewing & Alterations. In the photo above you can see me, Elaine Searer, and my husband, Jack Searer. Together we do most of the work to keep our business running smoothly.

Jack and I have been happily married for forty years. If there’s one theme to our forty years together, I’d have to say that it’s variety!  Our life together has never been boring.  Since 1980, I’ve been a high school English teacher, an elementary school teacher, a homemaker, a consultant for the Longaberger company, and lastly, owner and operator of my sewing business, Elaine Searer Sewing & Alterations. During those same forty years, Jack has worked as a foreman at a local steel mill, a delivery person for a local coffee company, a basketball coach at the Christian school where I was teaching, and an associate at a local funeral home. He claims to be officially retired now, but he puts in a fair number of hours in our business each week.





We got started in the poncho-making business in 2015 when I learned that it wasn’t safe to buckle our great-granddaughter Aaliyah into her car seat while she was wearing her winter coat.  Soon after that, I saw a pattern for car seat ponchos which I purchased immediately.  I sewed my first poncho for Aaliyah in February 2015.  By September 2015, I had posted my first custom listing in my Etsy shop, and as they say, the rest is history! 

Poncho season is always a hectic time for us, but we love the flexibility that having our own business offers us most of the time.  When we are not busy with orders, we like to spend time with our family.  I am the youngest of five siblings, and the six of us try to meet once a month.  I have three sisters, and we love to get together to play cards, go shopping, and eat! 

I mention my grandchildren  often, but you may be surprised to learn that Jack and I have no children together.  I skipped motherhood and jumped right into being a grandma thanks to Jack’s two daughters!  We do have a granddaughter who lived with us for eleven years, and her children are like my very own grandchildren.  I love being their Grammy! We have five great-grandchildren, and each one is very special to us.  


We thank God daily for the opportunity to use our gifts and talents to bless others and provide an income for us.  We love being able to conduct our business right here in our own home.  As followers of Jesus, we strive to manage our time and our business in a way that will honor Him and serve our customers.  

Our customers are the best part of our business!  We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our customers through order messaging, our Facebook group, and customer feedback.  We have customers from all over the U.S. and Canada, and we appreciate each one of them! 

If you are a customer or just follow us here or on social media, we thank you for sharing in this business venture of ours!  We’d love to hear from you!