A number of years ago, I read the book Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominquez.  The book is a real eye-opener about how much of our time we spend “earning a living”.  I’d recommend your reading the book if you haven’t already done so.

One of my favorite terms from the book is Gazingus Pin.  You’re probably wondering what a gazingus pin is. It’s not a new jewelry item or a sewing notion.  I’d be willing to bet that every one of you who is reading this HAS a Gazingus Pin or two.  No way, you say?

According to the authors, a gazingus pin is “any item that you just can’t pass without buying.”

Think about it for a minute …. maybe you do have a few gazingus pins lying around your house.  Maybe you’re already thinking of some things that fall into that category of unpassable items for you.   If you are, that’s wonderful because knowledge is power.  If we can expose the lure and promise of the gazingus pins in our lives, then we can be armed to stand against the temptation to buy more than we can use and afford.

Grandma’s Top Five Gazingus Pins

1.  Plastic Containers –I know, it’s crazy to be crazy for plastic containers, but I just love   ’em! I have so many of them, that I sort them by shape and size in my cupboards.

2.  Dinnerware–I do love dishes!  At one time, I had a set of dishes for every season of the year.  Finally, when the bottom of my hutch was bowing under the weight of them, I had to pare down my collection of sets of dinnerware.  When I’m shopping, sometimes I still wander through the housewares department in some stores to admire the different patterns. But I don’t buy.

3.  Office supplies–Mechanical pencils, pens, paper clips, Post-It notes, notepads, notebooks, etc.





4.  Fabric–Sewing is my business and my hobby, and like so many of us, it’s difficult to pass up more hobby supplies, even when our cupboards, shelves, and boxes are overflowing.




5.  Sewing Patterns–While fabric is a real weakness of mine when I’m shopping, patterns are even more dangerous for me.  Patterns = Possibilities, and I love to have an endless supply of possibilites!

That’s my list of Gazingus Pins.  Once I recognized my tendency to overspend on these items, I was able to curb that spending.  Sometimes I still pick up a gazingus pin here or there, especially if the price is right, but now I’m aware of what I’m doing.

Please leave a comment with your top Gazingus Pins.  Recognizing them here may help you to say no to them at the store.