quilt top made from coordinating fleece scraps

Fleece fabric scraps sure can create a big mess!  After making more than 240 fleece ponchos in my Etsy shop in 2016, my small storage room was overrun with fleece scraps.  I had a huge mountain of mixed up fleece scraps that was threatening to flow out into my sewing area.

Many of the scraps were good-sized pieces of fleece, and I couldn’t bear the thought of wasting them.  My husband Jack urged me to just throw them away.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do that! Instead,  I turned to Facebook to offer my fleece scraps to any of my local friends who could come and pick them up.

A Perfect Match

One of my Facebook friends responded saying that her mom would be interested in making blankets from my fleece scraps.  The next morning, Amelia stopped by my house.  Jack and I loaded her car with boxes and bags of fleece scraps.  Her plan was to turn the scraps into blankets.  She would then donate the blankets to Christian Aid Ministries, a non-profit Amish-Mennonite organization that works to meet physical and spiritual needs around the world.

Just last week, Amelia stopped by again to show me what she was able to do with the fleece scraps that I had given her.  Jack and I were both impressed with the beautiful, colorful blankets that will soon be bringing comfort and warmth.
A fleece blanket made from scraps

 Thanks to Amelia’s hard work, those fleece scraps that just barely escaped the fire, are going to help someone in need.

Here’s one last picture of Amelia and me holding the blanket that I like best.  We are the poncho maker and the blanket maker who joined forces to help warm the world!  All of my customers who ordered ponchos have a share in this, too.

Which blanket do you like best?