Baby, it’s cold outside!  Don’t forget to bundle up your pup in a fleece dog coat when the temperatures drop this winter!

Since I’ve been doing custom sewing for other people, I’ve made several fleece dog coats for one customer.  This particular customer always orders a fleece dog coat to give to her mother-in-law for Christmas.  The coat is for her mother-in-law’s dog, not for her mother-in-law.

The request was for a dog coat made from Santa fleece, but I was unable to find any fleece fabric with Santas on it.  She had to settle for holly, and she was pleased with that.

The fleece coat is made from two layers of warm and comfy fleece fabric.

All edges of the coat are finished with an overlock stitch done on my serger.  I use my regular sewing machine to attach the belly straps and the hook and loop tape.

Mocha agreed to model the finished project just so you could see the coat on a real live dog.  You’ll be able to see that I made this coat extra long for the chilly dachshund who will be wearing this coat on December 25th.

Isn’t she cute?


Small dog coats  $14
Medium dog coats $19
Large dog coats $26

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