Why Should I Buy an Elaine Searer Poncho?

If you’re going to buy a poncho for your child or for yourself, you want to be able to zip on a poncho instead of a coat! Over the years, I have improved my poncho design to meet the needs of busy parents and all kinds of kids. You can read about the benefits of an Elaine Searer poncho here: https://elainesearer.com/elaine-searer-poncho-benefits/

Should I Choose an Extra Warm Poncho?

My extra warm ponchos have a layer of quilt batting sewn between the two layers of fleece. This extra layer adds a lot of warmth without adding a lot of bulk. Lots of my customers in the northern and western states and in Canada love their extra warm ponchos. If you’d like to read some of their thoughts on the extra warm ponchos, click here.

How Can I Care for My Poncho?

Your poncho is machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. It can be tumbled dry on low. You should not use bleach or an iron on your poncho. These instructions will be included on the back of the tag that will be sewn into the neck seam of your poncho.

Will You Make Me a Poncho Using a Licensed Fabric (like Mickey Mouse or Seattle Seahawks)?

I do not sell items made from licensed fabric because of the legal risks involved. My blog post about this topic explains why. Licensed fabrics are off limits for my business.

What Size Poncho Should I Buy?

The most important measurement to consider when ordering a poncho is length. You can find measurement charts and more information in my sizing guide. I’m also happy to discuss size options with you if you contact me. You can use the contact form here.

Should I Choose a Poncho With or Without a Hood?

This is a matter of personal preference. I created the ponchos without hoods because some children didn’t like the feel of the hood behind their heads in the car seat. The hood does provide added warmth for the neck area, so you will have to weigh the information found on my blog and make that decision. You can always opt for the poncho without a hood and add a detachable hood to your order for maximum flexibility.