Fleece is such a versatile fabric!  Because it is made from 100% polyester and will not ravel or fray, it makes a great choice for no-sew projects.

I have two dogs, and for several years, I have been using fleece fabrics to protect our furniture from dog hair and nails. Both dogs love to lie on the back of the sofa to look out the window, so I keep that covered.

In the above picture you can see the sofa cover that I made from one yard of fleece.  This particular snowman print is a discontinued print from Debbie Mumm Designs.  If you look in any fabric store, you will find a vast selection of prints and solids in the fleece department.  Fleece fabric is 60″ wide giving you lots of fabric for your money.

For a sofa cover, I take one yard of fleece fabric in a print that works with my decor–or just a print that I like since I’m not all that concerned about my decor.  I trim the selvage edges from the fleece with shears. You will recognize the selvage edge of the fabric because of the tiny holes that hold the fabric on the rollers and the curling of the edge.  Some selvage edges also have the designer’s name printed there, so you will want to trim that off.

Next, I take my scissors and cut fringe on one of the ends of the one yard length of fabric–not the selvage edge.  The fringe isn’t absolutely necessary, but I think it makes the piece of fabric look more like a cover rather than just a piece of fabric.

In this picture, you can see that I used a floral print with spring colors in it.

One great thing about fleece fabric is the selection of prints and colors.  Here I used a dog themed print for my sofa cover.

You can find fleece prints for your favorite sports team, you favorite baby, your favorite season or holiday. The selection is endless.


If you’ve got a place in your home that needs a protective covering, consider a piece of Fabulous Fleece.

In my next couple posts, I will show you how I have made some quick and easy sewing projects with fleece.