Elaine Searer Poncho Benefits

An Elaine Searer poncho is not an ordinary poncho. My ponchos are made with parents and kids in mind. I want you to be able to zip on a poncho instead of a coat and travel in comfort and convenience this winter!

  • Two-way Zipper — Parents love my two-way zippers that open from the top and bottom. It makes it so easy to unzip the poncho from the bottom to fasten car seat buckles. The two-way zipper also provides a way to regulate warmth while riding in the car. A zipper allows you to pull the poncho over your child’s head with ease. No worries about messing up those special hair styles!
  • Hand slits — Who likes to have his or her hands trapped under a poncho to ride in the car? No child I’ve ever met enjoys that! My hand slits that are included in all car seat ponchos (and are optional in wheelchair ponchos) allow your child to have his or her hands free in the car. Your child can hold a book or toy, enjoy a snack, suck a thumb, or wave good-bye to Grandma thanks to those hand slits.
  • Wrist snaps — You’ll find a set of snaps on each side of the poncho that can be used to create a kind of “sleeve” when the poncho is being worn for other activities.
  • Anti-pill fleece — I use only anti-pill fleece for my ponchos because anti-pill fleece will stand up to repeated wearings and washings and still look good. I’ve got many prints and solid colors to choose from.
  • Hooded and hoodless options — Choose a poncho with or without a hood depending on your child’s sensitivities. You can even add a detachable hood to your “no hood” poncho order for those fickle ones who want a hood sometimes, but not always.
  • Comfort tab — Protect your child’s sensitive skin with the comfort tab at the top of the zipper.