Jack used to be in charge of cutting watermelon at our house.  It was a bit of an ordeal because it was a messy job, and he didn’t like to do it.  Last year, I read an article about an easier way to clean a watermelon, and I gave it a try.  The good news is that it really was is easy.   The bad news is that cutting watermelon is now my job.  But that’s okay.  It takes me less than ten minutes to turn a whole melon into melon cubes.

Just in case you missed that article, here’s how it’s done.

1.  Put a kitchen towel on the counter under your cutting board, and grab a long, sharp knife.  Have your storage container ready beside you. 

2.  Cut the watermelon into long quarters.
3.  Make cuts through the red part of the melon about an inch apart.
4.  Run the knife blade under the watermelon slices to release them from the rind.

5.  Cut the melon into cubes or chunks and drop it into a storage bowl.  (I used to store it in slices instead, but then we had to cut it up in our bowls, so this saves a step later.)
I like to use Tupperware celery keepers because the tray in the bottom keeps the watermelon from lying in its own juices.  I have two of these containers, and usually one half of a watermelon fits in each one.

6.  Clean up your mess.
Clean-up is quick and easy thanks to that towel which prevents sticky watermelon juice from running down the cabinets or dripping onto the floor.

I’ve done this so many times this summer that I can completely clean an average size seedless watermelon in about six minutes.  Every time I do it, Jack marvels at my speed.  He never passes up an opportunity to congratulate me on my technique and finesse.  Of course, he’s just making sure I don’t try to pass the knife back to him.  It works for him, too!

How do you cut a watermelon?