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Coffee Talk

My husband Jack and I have a morning routine that includes spending the first part of most days having coffee together in the living room.  I make the coffee–organic Fair Trade with a splash of half & half and some French vanilla creamer–while Jack checks the morning paper online.  We convene in the living room, he in his easy chair and me in my wooden rocking chair beside him.  This is my favorite time of the day.

We both value this early morning hour before the telephone starts ringing, before the sewing room beckons, before the grass is dry enough to mow or the wood box needs filling.  These are moments to be treasured, to be cherished. Sometimes we are tempted to use this time for more “productive” pursuits, but we both look forward to this quiet start to our day and refuse to let other things interfere.

This hour that we spend together each morning has done more to bind our hearts and lives together than a hundred marriage seminars or weekend getaways.  This is a time for us to laugh, to discuss finances, to update our calendars, to make plans, and to dream dreams.  By spending time together without the distraction of TV, computers, or phones, we can simply enjoy each other’s company.  And good coffee, too, of course.

I’ve shared marriage advice here on my blog before.  Today, I’m going to pass on another bit of marital counseling, and that is to make time for your own “coffee hour” with  your spouse.

Communication is believed by many to be the most important aspect of a successful relationship, yet time alone together for a husband and wife to talk to each other is one of the things that seems to get crowded out first when life gets hectic.

Not everyone can set aside an hour each morning for quality time with a spouse.  After nearly thirty-five years of happy marriage, Jack and I are blessed to be at home together most days with fewer distractions than many couples. Work schedules, children, and a hundred other things might make early mornings hectic at your house.  But it’s not the time of day that makes meaningful communication possible.  It’s not even the coffee that is of paramount importance.  The important thing is to make spending time with your spouse a priority.  It just might end up being your favorite part of the day, too!

How do you or how would you like to begin to make time each day to nurture the relationships in your life? 



3 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. Wow, I love this post and the point you made that it’s not about the time of day and it’s not about the coffee either. The conversations are important, and the rituals around them, whatever they are, seal it in an important package. Personally, with our busy lives, we don’t get time for a ‘coffee talk’ every day – early mornings for him, late nights for us both sometimes. But we do enjoy the connection when time frees up – playing a card game at home; waiting for the fish to bite at the lake; and talking about all the non-important yet extremely important things in our lives. Thanks for such a sweet post and the opportunity for me to reflect on these ideas 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer. It’s great that you are making time for communication even if it isn’t coffee talk.

  2. What a sweet blog! My husband and I were just talking about getting more together time in after baby #2. Our favorite ways to do this are to just sit around the kitchen table & talk, or we try to go out for lunch (on our own) once a month. It doesn’t always work out every month, but it’s nice to have that time.

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