Okay, so I just looked up the definition of ‘barrista’ and it is someone who makes espresso based coffee drinks, but I’m using it today to mean someone who makes coffee. 

Do you like to go out for coffee?  Sometimes I go out for coffee with friends, but it’s more for the friend time than the coffee for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee, but I’m not about to pay over $5 for an extra-special cup of coffee, at least not on a regular basis.

If fancy coffee is a splurge of yours, that’s fine.  There’s no harm in treating ourselves occasionally.  The problem some of us have is making these treats occasional.  Let’s say you stop for coffee every day on your way to work.  At a conservative $2 a cup, 5X a week, 50 weeks a year, you would be spending a whopping $500 on daily coffee!!!! 

With a little experimentation and an initial investment for a quality coffeemaker and a good brand of Certified Fair Trade coffee, you could be making yourself a very satisfying cup of coffee at home each morning saving yourself both time and money.


Specialty coffees, flavored creamers, sugar free and regular flavored syrups make it possible to recreate many of the varieties of coffee available at coffee shops and convenience stores. 

We love our Bunn coffeemaker that brews a pot of coffee in three minutes. We like to add some sugar free liquid coffee creamer and some half and half for a rich cup of delicious coffee each morning.  We have decided that we will now be purchasing Fair Trade coffee, but even at that, our monthly coffee bill will be under $30.   At that price, I’ll happily serve as our barrista each morning!