Last Monday, I spent the day with some family members at Greenwood Furnace State Park , and I remarked to my sister that it was a perfect summer day.

What made it perfect for me?

1. Special people  

Two of my sisters and their grandchildren met me at the park, and I had my new granddaughter Aaliyah with me for the day.  The kids loved getting to meet Aaliyah, and we all had a good time together talking, walking, and picnicking.

2. Gorgeous weather and scenery

The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, and the temperature was in the seventies.  I love this kind of weather!  It was just barely warm enough for kids to swim in the notoriously cold water at Greenwood.  The cooler temps were perfect for pushing a baby stroller or sitting on a lawn chair.

According to one official website, Greenwood Furnace State Park  “is an area of rugged beauty, abundant wildlife, breathtaking vistas and peaceful solitude.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

3.  Freedom from hurry

While Aaliyah napped in her stroller and the other kids played in the sand, my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful lake and the peaceful feeling of being outside on a summer day with nothing more to do than keep an eye on the kids and to make sure the baby’s bare feet were covered up.


This was a day I would love to repeat again and again this summer.  But have you ever noticed how perfect days can never be reproduced no matter how hard we try?

I believe that days like this one are gifts to us from God.  A perfect day isn’t something we can engineer with plans and preparations.  It’s something we receive when we step away from screens and lists and expectations.

Lord, I thank You for this perfect summer day.  Help me to slow down on days like this and enjoy the moments that You will miraculously turn into memories.

What is your idea of a perfect summer day?