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Kindle Fire Sleeve

My husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year, and I really like it!  As soon as I started using it, I knew that I was going to have to have a case for it.  I wanted a case that would protect the Fire, but I also wanted a case that could double as an easel.  I do use my Fire for streaming videos and for playing games, so the easel feature of my case is great for that. 

Here’s a picture of my Kindle Fire in the case that I bought for it. 

I thought that this case would be adequate for my needs, but then I realized that I wanted more protection for my Fire when I carried it in my purse.  A pocket for my stylus would be great, too. 

My solution was to make a padded sleeve for my Kindle Fire that is big enough to hold my Fire and the case.  I used a pattern that I purchased on www.etsy.com, and I chose fabric that matches my Kindle Fire case. 


 The sleeve is made from 100% cotton, is padded with fusible fleece, and has a button/loop closure.





Here you can see how the case fits inside the sleeve.  The pocket is a little hard to see since I used no contrasting fabrics, but there is a pocket on the front.  You can perhaps see my black stylus peeking out of the pocket in this photo.


This sleeve pattern is very versatile with measurements which make it possible for me to construct a sleeve for any device as long as I have the dimensions available. 

If you have a device for which you need a sleeve, contact me for more information on prices and available fabrics.

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