Removing a Hood

What if you have a hoodie, but you don’t like the hood?  Remove it!  I happen to like hoods on outerwear, but sometimes hoods are fashion details (I guess that’s why they’re there), and they serve no purpose.  Those are the hoods that I don’t like.

Here’s a picture of a zip up fleece hoodie that I bought at Goodwill for .29.  Yes, that’s twenty-nine cents!  I actually bought two of them–this red one and a lavender one. 

The tag says “Athletic Works”, but I bought them anyway though I had no intentions of doing anything athletic while wearing them.


I liked them, and I couldn’t pass them up for that price.  Both of them had hoods (or they wouldn’t be hoodies), but the hoods were of no use to me. The hoods had no drawstring for tightening them, therefore I assumed that the hoods were just a fashion detail or they were there for some athletic reason.  I’m not sure about that since I’m not that into fashion or athletics.

Once I made the decision to remove the hoods, this is how I proceeded:

I measured and marked a cutting line on the hood 4″ from the neck seam.  Next time I do this, I would mark this line 6″ from the neck seam to give me a larger collar on the finished garment.  (Goodwill finds are great ways to get some alterations experience, BTW.)



You’ve probably already guessed that the next step is to remove the hood by cutting on the line that you just marked. 




You can see here that I serged the cut edge of the “collar”.  If you don’t have a serger, you could use a wide zig-zag stitch here.  Or you could leave it as is and finish it off with a bias binding.  If I were to use bias binding, I would make my own from a coordinating fabric rather than use packaged binding.


I finished my collar off by turning it under 1″ and stitching in place.  Make sure you fold the hem to the wrong side of the collar so that the serged edge doesn’t show.  If I had changed my serger thread to red to match my jacket, that would have been even better, too.


When the hem was sewn in place, I flipped the collar over and added one more row of stitching for a topstitched look. 

I tried the jacket on when I was finished, and I’m quite pleased.  I’m sure I will wear this jacket more often now that the hood is out of the way.





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