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Organizing My Fabric Stash

Organizing my fabric stash is an ongoing project for me.  I’m always on the lookout for a method that will allow me to better see what fabrics I have on hand.  The most important requirement for any new method is that it be relatively easy to maintain. I’m not great at putting things back where they belong when I’m working, so I didn’t want any system that requires a lot of extra steps to maintain.

While reading one of my favorite sewing blogs, I came upon a great idea for organizing fabric on mini-bolts.  As soon as I saw the pictures at Craftiness is Not Optional, I was smitten!  Jess, the author of that blog, explained how she wrapped her fabric on comic book boards.  I had never before heard of comic book boards, but sure enough, they do exist and are readily available from Amazon. 1 Pack of BCW Current Comic Book Backing Boards (Pack of 100) (affiliate link)

Comic Book Boards


I emptied the reasonably neat bookshelf that held all of my 100% cotton fabrics and began wrapping all of the fabric on the boards.  Most of my fabric is 44″ wide, so I just folded it again, meeting the folded edge to the selvages, making each cut 11″ wide.  I wrapped each cut of fabric that was at least a half a yard onto these mini bolts.  I love the results!


Fabric stash


Fabric stash on mini bolts

Isn’t it beautiful???  The fabric takes up much less space this way, too.  I may have to go shopping for more fabric to fill up the shelves, and I’ve already had to order additional comic book boards.  I would never have guessed by looking at my shelves that I have more than 100 cuts of fabric, but sure enough, I do.

When I get more comic book boards, I will be organizing all of my lining fabrics and smocking fabrics this way, too.

While I was sorting through all of this fabric, I set aside any cuts of fabric that were smaller than a half yard.  I folded these into small squares and put them all in a plastic box with a lid.   I’m hoping that I can discipline myself to keep this tidy.

Small fabric cuts

I can already tell that this set up, if I keep up with re-organizing, could increase my productivity.  Different fabrics are much easier to see and to find using this method of organizing.   I still have all of my lining fabrics and smocking fabrics to organize, but I’m totally sold on this method of fabric storage.

How do you keep your fabrics organized? 

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4 thoughts on “Organizing My Fabric Stash

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    1. Thank you for sharing your coupon code with my readers!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. I’ll admit that I do also have some fabrics stuffed into plastic bins, but just the stuff that I don’t use very often like fleece and flannels. I’m really enjoying the look of this idea for my cotton fabrics.

  3. Your shelves look like a fabric store now. What a great idea. My fabric is stuffed in plastic bins.

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