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My Custom Made Sewing Machine Mats

In my previous post, I showed you my sewing machines and the new arrangement that I have in my sewing room to accommodate four machines.  In that post, just one of my machines was on a sewing mat.  That would never do!

A sewing machine mat isn’t exactly a necessity, but they sure are convenient for those of us who do lots of sewing!  The pockets on the front of the mat are perfect for holding necessary tools like scissors for snipping threads, seam rippers and razor  blades for ripping out stitches, and the like.

I used double-sided quilted fabric for my sewing machine mats, and I serged the edges to save myself the time and bother of using any kind of binding.  The advantage of the quilted fabric is that it absorbs some of the vibrations of the machine.  Also, making pockets is just a matter or adding some extra length and folding the bottom up.

You can see the serged edges in this close up of my serger mat.

I added a little extension on the side of this mat so that I could attach a trash bag with velcro to the edge of the table.  You can also see the pin cushion that I added.

The pincushion attaches with velcro to the mat.  I love this feature, and I’ve been making and using these velcroed pincushions for a couple of years on my ironing board and on the other sewing machine mat that I bought.  I added pincushions to each of the mats in hopes that this will greatly reduce the number of pins I have to pick up off of the floor each day when I’m finished sewing.

I’m pleased with these mats.  They add a pop of color to my sewing room and a punch of practical functionality.

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3 thoughts on “My Custom Made Sewing Machine Mats

  1. Love this idea; I never would have thought of it!

    1. Thanks, Connie! These were easy to make, too!

  2. Wow, you are very organized!

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