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A Clutch Bag in Batik

I remember when I was in high school, our art teacher taught us how to make batik fabrics.  It was a unique learning experience, but I’ll admit that my attempt at creating batik fabric did not result in anything remotely like the batik fabrics that are available in quilting stores today.  Most of the batik fabrics are made in Indonesia, and the colors are rich and vibrant with beautiful blending of shades of colors.

One of my customers fell in love with the batik print that is pictured above.  She had to have something made from this lovely fall print.  I didn’t have a lot of the fabric left in my stash, so I settled on this clutch pattern made from Butterick pattern #5437 which may be out of print now.

This clutch is a generous size bag measuring 13″W x 7″H  x 2″D.  The removable wristlet strap offers a convenient way for carrying this clutch for shopping.  Removing the strap is easy, and allows you to carry the bag as an actual clutch.



I lined this clutch with a tonal gold leaf print and added two pockets to the inside of the lining.

A zippered interior pocket would also be a great addition to this pattern, and is one I would consider adding if I made this pattern for myself.



I love the back of this bag, too.  The strip that covers the seam for the flap adds some visual interest to the bag.  Without a doubt, the batik fabric is the star of this bag.  Look at the tones on the back of the bag ….. green, brown, plum, and gold.  This bag would be perfect for an autumn wedding!

I will certainly be adding this pattern to my repertoire of purses that I make to sell.  This clutch would sell for $24.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of this pattern, fabric, or the bag itself.

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Pick Your Pockets!

When is pocket-picking something to be encouraged?  When you are ordering a custom-made handbag, that’s when!

The bags that I make and sell have plenty of pockets inside and out, making it possible to keep the contents of the purses organized and easy to find.

One advantage to having a purse, tote, or diaper bag custom-made just for you, is the opportunity that you have to pick your own pocket size and placement.

Recently a customer ordered a larger purse, and she had some very specific needs.  She wanted an interior pocket to hold her smart phone, and she wanted an exterior pocket big enough for carrying her Kindle.

As I was constructing her purse, I was able to make the interior and exterior pockets to her exact specifications.

Here you can see the four-inch pocket that will hold her smart phone.


My friend didn’t specifically ask for a pocket for her pen and one for a lip balm or lipstick, but I almost always include these two features in the bags that I make.

I have also made pockets to fit checkbooks, hand sanitizer bottles, and pocket calendars.  When it comes to pocket picking, your wish is my command!

On several occasions I have made custom interior pockets for Kindles, but I really liked this idea of the Kindle pocket on the front of the purse.  I might consider making myself a purse with this feature sometime soon.

Pockets are just one of the customizable features on purses.  I can also customize handle style and length.  I can add key fobs, zippers, and more.

Please take a look around my site.  I would be happy to answer any questions you have.  You can contact me at .

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