Archives for August 2012

A Clutch Bag in Batik

I remember when I was in high school, our art teacher taught us how to make batik fabrics.  It was a unique learning experience, but I'll admit that my attempt at creating batik fabric did not result in anything remotely like the batik fabrics that are available in quilting stores today.  Most of the batik fabrics are made in Indonesia, and the colors are rich and vibrant with beautiful blending of shades of colors. One of my customers fell in love with the batik print that is pictured … [Read more...]

Pick Your Pockets!

When is pocket-picking something to be encouraged?  When you are ordering a custom-made handbag, that's when! The bags that I make and sell have plenty of pockets inside and out, making it possible to keep the contents of the purses organized and easy to find. One advantage to having a purse, tote, or diaper bag custom-made just for you, is the opportunity that you have to pick your own pocket size and placement. Recently a customer ordered a larger purse, and she had some very specific … [Read more...]