Bridal Shower Gifts

   On Saturday I attended a bridal shower for my niece Kristi.  She's tying the knot next month, and I've never been more excited about attending a wedding!  Part of the reason for my enthusiasm is that Kristi is special to me, but I must admit, that most of my excitement stems from the wedding location.  Kristi and her fiance are getting married on the beach in Delaware.  And I love going to the beach!But first things first.  Before the wedding is the bridal … [Read more...]

Diabetes and Low Carb Livin’

 My husband Jack  Until now, all of my blog posts have been about sewing.  Not a surprise since the title of my blog is "Sew a Fine Seam", but sewing is not my life, and this blog is about sewing and my life in general.  Ever since December 9, 2010, one of my non-sewing activities has been counting carbohydrates.  I spend a fair amount of time counting carbohydrates now, for myself, but mainly for my husband who has Type 2 Diabetes.  Jack has had diabetes for over ten … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things

I use my sewing studio nearly every day, so it is important to me to create a pleasant, well-organized room where I can be as productive as I need to be. Today I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite things in my studio.  Some of these things are organizers while others are just things that make my space fun for me.  First up is this tomato pincushion.  If you've done any sewing at all, chances are you have seen these tomato pincushions in stores or in drawers. This  … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Craft or Sewing Space

This is my favorite mug!If you are a crafter, you know that there is never time enough to complete all the projects that beckon you to your craft room or area.  Nothing eats up our precious sewing and crafting time like a lack of organization.  I've got a few tips today to help you get your space in great working order. Here's a shot of my sewing area, and I will show you my organization techniques in detail.  I have three tips today to help you get the most from your craft space, … [Read more...]